Enjoy walking home~
I used to be blue and lonely. Thank got that I've found you, darling. You don't have to know me but you truly make me happy. once again I thank you darling. You have made my whole world shining. I believe that this time true love really comes to me. 緩緩的,悠悠的,漫步在回家的路上.看著路上人來人往,晚上的街燈真是美極了!突然有種愛上走路回家的感覺嚕~ --咕嚕咕嚕--

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Go traveling with teachers is so much fun.  All the parents were very nice and kids were showing the wonderful dancing with mangos. Kids, Tiffany and I were dancing in the rain, it felt cool and fun.  Two days in Kenting, we had a lot of fun, even the rain didn't stop. First evening, we had the dinner with Ben's family at Di Di xiao chi, Long Island is always my favorite special cocktail, and we got a can of Heineken before we went to bed. Everybody chatted easily, laughed loudly, said many nonsense words and made our own game with the family names. That's really a funny night.

Second day we went to the beach in the morning, we felt the strong winds, the wet air put in our faces, stood in the sand, traced with big waves, and all got wet shorts. Before we left, all salt in our faces, it's sticky and salty. Suddenly, I just here by the ocean, and nothing's bugging me. I felt so calm, and watched all the teachers talking, laughing, and doing funny things. Of course I took a lot of pictures of them. We were so happy, Everybody was having fun.

On the way home, in FangShan, we went to the vagetarian restaurant, but I forgot to turn the light off. The bad thing just happened after we finished our food and get ready to go home. My car was running out of the bettery. I couldn't start my car. But we were lucky, there's a police officer in the car beside us. He's really really a super good police officer, he is a group leader and he ask another officer to come help us, because he had no line to get power for my car. Finally, we came home happy and save. Thank you officer. You changed my mind about the police in Taiwan. You are supper!!!

--Gulu Gulu--

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